• Color
    Black and Red
  • Collection
    Adidas Predator
  • Print
  • Surface
  • Finger Protection
  • Cut
    Negative Cut (NC)

adidas Predator Pro NC Promo

All hail the #MutatorPack! After the Revival 2018 and some technical and color updates in 2019, the Predator goalkeeper gloves have become completely new and genetically modified from January 2020! With over 400 grip elements on the backhand, you radiate pure aggressivity and brutal power. Palm:Special URG 1.

League statistics

Share of all first goalkeepers using adidas Predator Pro NC Promo

Goalkeepers currently using adidas Predator Pro NC Promo

1st Goalkeeper from 2020-01-29 until now at Manchester United FC

1st Goalkeeper from 2020-01-24 until now at AC Milan

1st Goalkeeper from 2020-02-18 until now at Paris Saint-Germain FC