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KEEPERsport GK-Glove Varan5 Pro GC

We are updating our #UNBEATABLE Varan5 range, like here with the "Pro GC"! We are incredibly proud of our brand new OrangeZone style and even more excited to present it to you. Our update consists of 5 new goalkeeper gloves, one fantastic and brand new set and of course our very popular gear! Palm: 4mm White Claw provides a great grip, superior cushioning and durability in adverse conditions Cut: Rolled fingers for performance with large contact areas Backhand: Embossed high-performance latex for best punching control Glove Body: Lightweight Soft Tech Body material ensures a pleasant and comfortable climate inside the glove and reduces sweaty palms Entry system: Newly designed, asymmetrical Safe'n Comfort Power Wrist (SCP) slip-in system makes it easy to put on and provides best fit and comfort Wrist Closure: Embossed latex flap provides an extra grip, perfect fit and targeted protection Dual Thumb Rollovers: Two-sided latex wraps on the thumb enlarge the latex to ball contact and promote stability and protection in this area Print Available! .

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